Intermezzo : Big Bang… Bigger Bang… Biggest Bang???

Hi, this is my first post about something kinda funny for me.

If you’re a final fantasy series fan, you should know this attack

yep, it’s called ‘Big Bang’. It exists in some Final Fantasy games but you’ll find this commonly in the final battle of Final Fantasy IV. This move is so devastating, it can kill some of your character and freak you out really bad while screaming OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!! well unfortunately no playable character has ever been granted this ability, always the enemy and usually in the final battle. So why am I telling this? okay, back to the main purpose. Seeing a big bang in a final battle is quite usual now, but in Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light, there is other form that is the upgraded form of big bang. BIGGER BANG

OH MY GOD, look how cute it sounds I still can’t get over it, really. Bigger Bang is casted after the final boss is defeated. when you defeat chaos in FF 4 Heroes of Light, it will be destroyed ‘heroic-ly’ by using Bigger bang, it got me pretty well and it’s really funny how it sounds lol. think about it. big bang, bigger bang, I bet there will be biggest bang in Final Fantasy XVI :D. Quite cutely ridiculous.

here’s the full battle



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