Progress : Final Fantasy V

Finally!! the tyranny of the leveling up is ended, I’ve reached my target to level up my characters to level 75 for all of them and mastered all jobs!!!! YAAAAY!!!! Finally I can defeat the badass Exdeath and finish the game… but, I still got my last personal target: Defeat Shinryu. yeah well maybe if you see in FAQs and Walkthroughs, simply they say it’s a lot better to defeat the final boss first ,but screw them! it’s my personal goal dude D: . I tried to defeat him once, but well, as other people say, HE’S A PAIN IN THE SSS OH MY GOD DAMMIT. I just died before even lay a hand on him!! well, though I didn’t use a strategy back then and o yeah, I forgot to ‘steal’ the weapon that’s effective on him… damn, guess I have to do the final boss first :/…. well, that’s it for a while guys, hope you all stay tuned on our “beloved blog” ;D till I managed to finish this game 100%.

by the way, here’s my character’s stats right now :



Wish List : Persona 4 Golden

Hey again guys! In the middle of this hectic final exam weeks, i decided to update you guys with something. As the title has stated, it’s Persona 4 Golden. Persona 4 Golden is a remake of a PS2 game called the ‘Persona 4’. If you guys have looked at the “currently played games” tab, you’ll see that i am currently playing Persona 3 Portable, which is the predecessor of Persona 4. (well duh, it’s obvious just by looking at it’s name) and i love it very much, except for the fact that the boy version of my copy of the game has an error on it so that i can’t continue playing it. 😦 I’ll tell you about this more in details when i review about Persona 3 Portable. Wait for it! 😉

But back to the main topic, Persona 4 Golden….is sadly exclusive only for PSVita. which i didn’t have.

if only i owned you, PSVita ;_;

And because i haven’t play the game, i can’t say much about it. except for the things i watch from youtube, walkthroughs and reviews, which all give a good response of the game and it makes me wanting it more. :”)

But, i don’t think it would be wise for me to buy a PSVita just for this game, even if it worth the money, because i heard a lot of bad reviews of PSVita, including the fact that PSVita doesn’t really has outstanding games. So i would rather choose PS3….over PSVita. There are a lot of games that i really wanted to play on PS3 such as Journey, Ni No Kuni…and things. So yeah, the chances of me playing this game is nearly zero.

But….the good thing is, i have a PS2 (not sure if it’s still working, but let’s just hope it is) so i could just play the old version of this game, being Persona4, and…. i can be happy. yay me. :D:D

Well see you later!

note: we’ll be reviewing games starting from June or something near that, 😀


Music : Rise of the White Raven

Hey Final Fantasy fans, have you ever play Final Fantasy XIV??? not the ‘a realm reborn’ one, but the original Final Fantasy XIV. well, if you check on the youtube the final battle video vs Nael Van Darnus (man, love that name) you’ll find that the second phase of the battle has a very marvelous battle theme. It’s called ‘Rise of the White Raven’. honestly, it’s a little bit chaotic 1% but the concept is incredible. about the opera, emotion, etc. Really, Masayoshi Soken (composer) is a genius. I hope that the next Final Fantasy Games will have an incredible music, especially final boss theme like Final Fantasy XIV. well, I can’t describe it in a full paragraph anyway, so if you want to hear it by yourselves , you can check out from the youtube link below.


Where on Video Games : Satorl Marsh

hi 😀 while FKC has just told you guys about a move in FF called the ‘Big Bang’, right now i wanted to tell you about this place on Xenoblade Chronicles which i love the most….so far. there are so many beautiful places on Xenoblade despite of it’s lack of amazing graphics (well, if you compare it with PS3’s or XBOX360’s..) So here is it, the Satorl Marsh.


when you come into this place on day time… i know what you’re thinking. this place is not that good, in fact, it’s creepy. i totally agree. that is also my thought when i first come here. i dislike marshes and caves, so at first i wasn’t really fond of the place. but the real beauty comes when it starts changing from day to night.


I KNOW RIGHT! although that one is just a CG picture, the game version is as magical as that one.



the game version has less vibrant colors, but trust me, i still fell in love with it everytime it turns into this. and what’s better is the music as it’s changing from day to night.

check the song here

so yeah, one of my favorite place on video games. i’ll update some more when i continue playing on June. see you guys 🙂


Intermezzo : Big Bang… Bigger Bang… Biggest Bang???

Hi, this is my first post about something kinda funny for me.

If you’re a final fantasy series fan, you should know this attack

yep, it’s called ‘Big Bang’. It exists in some Final Fantasy games but you’ll find this commonly in the final battle of Final Fantasy IV. This move is so devastating, it can kill some of your character and freak you out really bad while screaming OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!! well unfortunately no playable character has ever been granted this ability, always the enemy and usually in the final battle. So why am I telling this? okay, back to the main purpose. Seeing a big bang in a final battle is quite usual now, but in Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light, there is other form that is the upgraded form of big bang. BIGGER BANG

OH MY GOD, look how cute it sounds I still can’t get over it, really. Bigger Bang is casted after the final boss is defeated. when you defeat chaos in FF 4 Heroes of Light, it will be destroyed ‘heroic-ly’ by using Bigger bang, it got me pretty well and it’s really funny how it sounds lol. think about it. big bang, bigger bang, I bet there will be biggest bang in Final Fantasy XVI :D. Quite cutely ridiculous.

here’s the full battle